Daddy's Girl

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Daddy’s Girl: Reflections Of a Close Relationship

As I look back on the relationship I had with my father, I have now come to realize that I was a “Daddy’s Girl”. Growing up as a “daddy’s girl”, came with the stigma that I was spoiled and bratty. My family believed that I was hard to get along with, hard-headed and relied solely on my father to help me through everything in life, which wasn’t true. My father taught me to be strong, independent, hold my head high and be proud of everything that I set out to accomplish. He taught me to never be afraid of trying new things or to ask for help if needed, but to always depend on myself. Because of my father being bold was something that came natural to me. Being bold to me just simply meant that I never hesitated to try new things no matter how different or weird it may have seem to others and I was always open and honest with people no matter how it made them feel. I also had a lot of compassion for people and I was taught to never look down on others as well. My relationship with my father was so important to me that I felt like failure was not an option because I felt like I would be letting him down. But I eventually found out that it wasn’t true. When I was 15 years old I became pregnant with my first child. That was the very first time that I felt afraid to talk to my father and felt like I was a failure to him. My mother of course was very upset about the pregnancy and felt like abortion was the only option, which I was refusing to do. But because my father was so influential in a lot of my decisions my family felt like he could or would convince me to get one. Instead he gave me the option to choose what I wanted to do concerning my pregnancy and was very supportive through it all! Needless to say I kept my baby and my father was a wonderful grandfather to both of my children at that time. My father talked to me about all aspects of life, sex, drugs, and relationships. You name it, we talked...
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