Da Vinci Code and Catholicism

Topics: The Da Vinci Code, Religion, Leonardo da Vinci Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Misrepresented Communities within the Publication of the Da Vinci Code Movies for the most part are a source of entertainment that utilizes a combination of gripping, thrilling and adventurous scenes in a believable fashion to satisfy an audience of intrigued individuals. The viewers’ response and opinion of the given movie is highly valued when it comes to deciding superior movie charts and allocating awards at the Grammies, and therefore it is exceptionally important for producers to create work that will leave the audience astounded and content. This is the case of Ron Howard’s production, ‘the Da Vinci Code’- a movie that quickly made its way to the top of the pyramid concerning its controversial standpoint on Christianity and temporarily crushing a two thousand year old widespread religious belief. The power of the movie derives from Dan Browns publication several years beforehand and has planted many lingering un-answerable questions on the minds of its viewers. Having nobody knowing the actual truth is what fuels Da Vinci’s exclusive theory of Christianity and makes the movie capable of portraying such Religious alternatives. By doing so, a combination of Dan Brown and Ron Howard’s productions have created an extraordinary milestone in Religion, and a substitute belief that hasn’t already been proclaimed. The Stereotypical views Dan Brown stresses throughout the course of the story include false representation of Albinism and Catholicism. These are just some of the many stereotypes in the story however these are most beneficial for one to analyze as the way they are portrayed in the story conflicts with their reality and truthfulness. For this being said, one must analyze the validity of the Da Vinci Code and understand the true moral lesson Dan Brown attempts to convey to the audience, and also to understand the reaction of the conflicting believers. Understanding the reason why the story has been bashed and criticized so much will better our...
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