Da 348 Instructions

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Block 1: Enter last name, first name, middle initial, and social security number (SSN). Block 2: Enter ‘M’ for male or ‘F’ for female.
Block 3: Enter the day, month, and year of the individual’s birth, obtained from individual’s DD Form 2A (Active Duty Military ID Card). Block 4: Enter the individual’s hair color – brown, black, blond, and so forth. Block 5: Enter the color of eyes – blue, brown, hazel, and so forth. Block 6: Enter the feet and inches (5′10″) the height of the individual as stated on his or her DD Form 2A. Block 7: Enter in pounds the weight of the individual as stated on his or her DD Form 2A. Block 8: Not used by military personnel. For civilian personnel, enter appropriate job title. Block 9: Enter the permit number. Permit numbers will be the first letter of the last name and last four number of the individual’s SSN, (for example, K–1234). Upon completion of local training requirements and appropriate entries in section III, the permit number will become the license number. The same number will be entered in block 1 on the OF 346 (U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator’s Identification Card). If a permit number changes due to a name change, cross out the old number and enter the new number in block 9. In addition, issue a new OF 346 reflecting the new number, and make an entry on DA Form 348, section III, documenting the permit number change and OF 346 reissue. Block 10: Type (Pencil Entry/Entries). Enter the type OF 346 permit (that is, standard, limited, and so forth). Block 11: Date issued: Enter day, month, and year permit or license is effective. License will expire according to chapter 6. Block 12: Limitations (Pencil Entry): Enter one or more of the following codes: Code Application

R1 Corrective lenses required
R2 Daylight only
R3 Automatic transmission only
R4 Not authorized to drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes R5 Driving on the installation only.
Section I: Official Qualifications:
Block 13: Type of Equipment. Enter description or model of equipment (for example: HEMTT, M977). If qualified to tow a trailer (either kingpin or pintle connected), indicate “w/trailer” (for example, tractor, M931 w/trailer). Block 14: Size. Enter in tonnage or passenger capacity (for example, 10-Ton, 40-Pass) Block 15: Special Qualifications. Enter one or more of the following codes: Code Application

S1 Trailers, pintle towed
S2 Trailers, kingpin/pintle
S3 Winch qualified (front)
S4 Wrecker qualified
S5 Cable operated cranes
S6 Emergency vehicle
S7 Winter/wet/cold weather training
Block 16: Date Qualified. Enter the day, month, and year individual was qualified to operate equipment entered in block 13 (for example, 07 JUL 89).
Block 17: Qualified At. Enter activity unit identification code, post, camp, or station where qualification to operate equipment took place. Block 18: Name of Examiner. Enter qualifying official’s (examiner’s) name. Qualifying official will sign in black ink upon verification of individual’s ability to operate equipment. Section II: Background and Experience

Block 19: Type of Equipment. Enter as appropriate the item the individual was qualified to operate; that is, sedan, motorcycle, and so forth. Block 20: Size. Enter as appropriate vehicle size; that is 5-ton, 5-pass, and so forth. Block 21: Type of Driving or Operation. Enter as appropriate; that is, highway, city, rural, and so forth. Block 22: Additional Driver’s Licenses: Enter the State or agency that issued license; for example, VA, PA, U.S. Army, and so forth. Block 23: Number of Other Drivers Licenses. Enter the license serial number and expiration date; for example, 000-11-0000/07 JUL 94.

Block 24: Satisfactory Experience Verified By. Enter the name of the individual who verified the licensee’s experience. Section III: Performance Record
Block 25: Enter the day, month, and year the individual completed formal training on the equipment he or she is authorized to operate. In...
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