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BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma in Business Unit 4: Business Communication
Assignment 2:
Corporate Communications
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You are working as a management consultant for Brain’s Management Consultancy Ltd. Your manager has assigned you a project to investigate the following in a business of your choice: . Your manager has explicitly outlined that the company you chose must be one you can gain access to in order to help you obtain information. Suggestions include a past employer or the employer of a family or friends. Task 2 (P2, P3, P4 and D2) – Corporate Communication

This task provides evidence for:
Present complex internal business information using three different methods appropriate to the user’s needs. As part of your project your manager would like to obtain financial information from your chosen organisation and give a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation about what the financial information shows about the performance of the business or part of the business. Your presentation must be suitable for a number of business journalists who want to report on the performance of the business.

Alongside this you must produce and submit a brief report regarding the performance of the business with graphs for the directors of the company, as well as a leaflet aimed at the staff of the business telling them about the financial performance of the business.

Produce corporate communications.

Using the same organisation, produce an advert or poster communicating information about the business or one of its products or services. The proposed audience is will be the businesses customers and potential customers.


Evaluate the external corporate communications of an existing product or service. Find an example of a real external corporate communication from your chosen business and create a podcast evaluating it as a mean of corporate communication....
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