Topics: Facial expression, Nonverbal communication, Communication Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: February 23, 2014

There are many factors which can influence how effective communication is, in a group interaction, and one to one interaction. Such as; Open/closed questions
Keeping good eye contact
Facial expression
All of these factors, effect conversations in different way. Depending on the conversation it may have a positive/negative outcome which I will discuss in D2.

Closed questions
A closed question allows information to be obtained quickly and effectively without getting confused, with long answers. This is effective in a busy environment such as a walk in centre as it prevents people waiting to be seen to for a long time. In the role play it was effective as the girl may feel embarrassed about the situation, which means she may try to only briefly discuss the matter meaning she may miss out some important information, which could prolong the time it takes for her to get the implant there for using simple yes no answers it will reduce the chance of her getting confused. This prevents any complications by allowing the nurse to know what questions to ask to get the correct information. However by using simple closed questions, it prevents the girl from being able to give a more through answer meaning the nurse may not get all the information needed. Keeping good eye contact

this means keeping the appropriate level of eye contact when communicating with the service user/patient, it also links into facial expressions as people use their eye when using facial expressions, such as if a person is shocked they may widen their eyes and lift their eye brows, or if they are angry they may frown etc. in the role play it had many positive factors such as; it shows the nurse is interested in the matter, which means the girl will feel more comfortable to share information about the matter, as she will feel like her problem matters, and the nurse is concerned, as if the nurse did not retain good eye contact the girl may feel like the nurse isn’t...

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