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Topic 1 – DQ 1
Upon comparing the GCU Mission and Domains/CON Mission for the Nursing Leadership and the AACN's Essentials for Master's Education for Advanced Practice Nursing I found several common themes surrounding diversity, accountability, ethics, critical thinking, research and converting theory to practice. The concept of collaboration, integration and relationship building while embracing diversity is a common link between both GCU and ACCN’s vision for developing Advanced Practice Nurses. The ACCN states “Collaboration in interdisciplinary education emanates from an understanding and appreciation of the roles and contributions that each discipline brings to the care delivery experience”. (AACN, n.d., p.4). The future of our health care system will rely on successful integration of systems and services while partnering with diverse resources. The GCU/CON Mission expresses the same expectation through Global Citizenship: “those who learn with empathy, avoid ethnocentrism and embrace the reality that people are different with different perspectives on history, religion, value systems and many other aspects of life and living. Global citizenship means that by understanding others one can understand himself or herself.” (Mission and Vision, 2014 ). The ACCN outlines this as well with their expectation of global awareness. “Diverse learning experiences must be provided throughout the curriculum and clinical practice to develop an understanding of the wide diversity of subcultural influences on human behavior, including ethnic, racial, gender, and age differences.” (AACN, n.d., p.11). There is diversity among not only our patient populations, but our delivery systems as well. As we look to our future, we need to recognize the benefits of diversity. With diversity, comes innovations and just imagine what the future holds for our patient populations and our delivery systems. Grand Canyon University (2014). Mission and vision at grand canyon...
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