D1 Provide evidence to show how knowledge of child development can contribute to the recognition of children

Topics: Hygiene, Scientific method, Cleanliness Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: March 9, 2015
E5 Include an explanation of how observations can inform planning to meet children’s learning needs Methodology:
I am using an event sampling method for my observation on Child A to show how often they wash their hands, if they know when to wash their hands, and if they know why to wash their hands. This method would be the best method to use as “event samples are observations focused on particular events to build up a pattern of a child's behaviour over a period of days or weeks.” http://www.newchildcare.co.uk/event.html. Therefore I will know every time the child washes their hands, and when I feel it is appropriate to wash their hands I will query the child on why they haven’t or do they think they should be washing their hands. Day

All the children are about to eat breakfast and they are asked to start tidying up the room and sit at the table. Child A starts to tidy up the classroom with the other children, however doesn’t go to wash their hands when the food is brought out I said to Child A if they needed the toilet and they said no so I asked, “Should we wash our hands before eating?” Child A knew the correct answer and then went to wash their hands To correct this I know that the children do not completely understand that we do not want germs on our hands before we touch our food and I will therefore need to ensure that the children are taught this. 10:30

Child X has finished playing in the dirt and wants to read the books in the calm area Child A goes straight to the toilet to wash their hands
I asked the child “Why should we wash our hands?”
The Child did not know should wash our hands completely so I will need to teach the children why we wash our hands and how to do it efficiently. 11:20
The children are about to eat lunch
Child A helps clean away the toys and goes to the toilet
Child A knew that we wash our hands after we go to the toilet so they are clean I will still need to...
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