Czech Republic and Prague

Topics: Prague, Czech Republic, Puppet Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 20, 2014
I wanted to see Prague for a long time so I decided to go to Prague by plane from Istanbul last summer. It took average two and fifteen minutes and I arrived in Prague Ruzyne International Airport. It is one of the Europe’s most modern airport and very luxurious. I went to Kings Court Hotel at the city centre by a taxi. That hotel is really big and comfortable. My first day in Prague started with checking in the hotel. I had breakfast and there were seed and poppyseed bread for breakfast, after a little rest. They are special and delicious in there. I wanted to get some information about Prague so I went to National Museum and Cubism Museum. There is a lot of information in there. After that I had lunch and went to Prague Castle. People should visit it because The Castle’s Architecture is amazing. The Castle is near the Vltava River which divides the city. After that, I walked on the Charles Bridge over the river. Then, I had diner on New City’ Square. In the night I went to Shamrock Irish Pub to have fun and drink the famous Pilsen and Budweiser Beer and I learned Czechs are the most beer consumers in the world. In my second day in Prague, I got up early and I went to La Rotonde Restaurant to have breakfast. After that, I went for a walk in the city. The morning walk is different in there. People can feel history and art when they walk on the Prague’s streets. I went to Prague City Hall which is a historical building and I drank a coffee there. Then, I bought a theatre ticket for this evening at National Puppet Theatre. The puppet theatre is very popular there. I had dinner at Coda Restaurant. After that, I went to and see that play and I bought some puppets for my family there. It was so much fun. In my third day in Prague, I ate some poppyseed bread and drank a cup of coffee for breakfast at hotel. I went to Old City to see Astronomical Clock. It is very popular in the world. There are a lots of souvenir shops there. I bought some...
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