Cystic Fibrosis

Topics: Cystic fibrosis, Mucus, Asthma Pages: 2 (278 words) Published: February 23, 2009
1. Describe the symptoms of cystic fibrosis.

The different symptoms of cystic fibrosis include repeated infections and thick mucus secretions in the lungs, it affects you with wheezing, a chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma, weight loss, dehydration, and many more mainly affecting the lungs and stomach. Sufferers may also feel very fatigued easily.

2. Describe two problems associated with the presence of thick, sticky mucus (a) in the lungs and breathing passageways
(b) in the digestive system

a) The problems associated with thick sticky mucus in the lungs and breathing passageways are frequent respiratory infections and breathing difficulties. b) The problems associated with thick sticky mucus in the digestive system is malnutrition, and abdominal cramping.

3. What are some of the nongenetic treatments for CF?

Some of the non genetic treatments for patients is special movements and exercises to help them feel more comfortable as well as antibiotics and diet control with these things suffering patients can find a great deal of improvement of symptoms.

4. Explain the basic genetic defect that causes CF, and describe the effect the genetic defect has on mucus-producing cells of the body. You may use diagrams in your explanation.

The genetic defect that causes cystic fibrosis is an abnormality in the transmembrane proteins that act as active transport for chloride ions. This can make it hard to pass fluid easily because it makes them thick and mucus like.

5. Why are the present treatments for CF not considered to be a cure for the disease?

The present treatments for cystic fibrosis are not considered to be cures because there just trying to alleviate the pain and not fix the gene deficiency.
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