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2014 Cyber Security Challenge Australia
Access Information
This is the final information document required for each team to compete in the 2014 Cyber Security Challenge Australia (the Challenge). The information in this document, along with the Terms & Conditions, Game Scenario and General Information, will be available and updated on the website:

Provided below are:
1. Instructions for setting up the teams’ computers prior to the Challenge 2. Website access information – for submitting flags and responses during the game 3. IRC access information – for real-time communication between exercise control and participants 4. Twitter address – for real-time broadcasting to participants 5. Information on other avenues of contact

1. Setting up and Accessing the Challenge environment
The Challenge environment will be hosted on infrastructure provided by Telstra. 

Each team will have their own instance of this environment i.e. the network and systems for the company Fortress Certifications Pty Ltd. Teams will be unable to access others’ environments.

The Challenge will begin on 7 May 2014 when access to each environment will be made available at 12:00pm AEST (Sydney time). It will conclude promptly at 12pm, 8 May 2014. Exercise control recommends that you access the challenge environment from within a virtual machine such as VirtualBox running Kali Linux 1.0.6 32bit.

Prior to this, each team will need to:
1. Ensure that the computer/workstation used to compete in the Challenge has either: 

Direct un-firewalled Internet access

Outbound TCP port 3018 allowed to IP address

2. Ensure that your own LAN segment is not using the IP ranges within, or ranges, as this will likely interfere with your Challenge environment.

3. Install and configure OpenVPN (Kali 1.0.6 or other) on this computer. 

For instructions on accessing, installing and using...
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