Cyrano/Roxanne Comparison

Topics: Cyrano de Bergerac, Sword, Love Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Essay 3: Cyrano/Roxanne comparison

The 1987 film Roxanne I believe is a great successful modernization to Cyrano de Bergerac because it explains how well the similarities between each of the characters in the play are and how well detailed they become in a more present day modernization, both the movie and the book are similar. In both, Cyrano is trying to help Roxanne and Christian fall in love with each other, even though he loves Roxanne. Cyrano writes letters to Roxanne telling her how much he loves her, pretending to be Christian. He loves Roxanne, but feels that he is ugly and could never get her to love him back because of his huge nose. The book and movie have the same main characters playing the same roles. Cyrano is charming, poetic, and witty with a huge nose in both the book and the movie. Women love Cyrano as a friend but nothing more. In the book, Cyrano is a famous sword fighter who fights people. In the movie, Cyrano is the fire chief who fights fire. Cyrano is Roxanne's distant cousin in the book, but in the movie, they meet when they are adults and are friends. Christian works for Cyrano in both the movie and book. In the play it discusses about the strengths and weaknesses of Cyrano, it is explained that Cyrano and C.D. both have love for Roxanne and that they are both skilled characters, the weaknesses are that Cyrano doesn’t really tell roxane in the play that he is in love with her but in the movie Bales does tell Roxanne how he feels but not face to face. The similarities of christian and chris are that they both ask for help on what to say to Roxanne, christian in the play asks Cyrano if he could talk to Roxane for him because he is very nervous when he talks to women, in the movie it is shown that bales and chris are workers and friends, but chris runs off and vomits every time he see’s Roxanne in either the bar where he runs off with sandy the bartender or Dixie’s diner( Raguneau bakery in the play). Christian and chris’s...
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