Cyrano de Bergerac Paper

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This summer reading book of Cyrano de Bergerac is about romances, war, hate, and etc. After reading this book, my favorite part of the book in the play, was in act three, Roxane's Kiss form scene V-XIV.

I pick this scene because, it's how Christian love Roxane and Cyrano is in the middle of everything. For example Roxane is related to Cyrano and Cyrano know Christian by being in with the Gascon Cadets. With all that Cyrano have to find a way for Christian to talk to Roxane in the way Cyrano does in the love letter's.

In the beginning of scene V Roxane come up Christian to talk to him. Christian was nervous and didn't know what to say but I love you over and over. I like this part because Christian did not know what to say to her like Cyrano do of how he express his love in sentence and in the delightful ways like Roxane would had thought like as in the letter's. Then later on in the scene Christian had know that he had made a mistake of what he said to Roxane and that she wasn't very happy about it. So when Cyrano had heard what happen from Christian he had to came up with a plan.

So after coming up with a quick and smart plan they both went to Roxane's house under the balcony. I also like this scene because Cyrano talk to Roxane for Christian in the night where he can not be seen. So after talking so long under the balcony, Christian interrupt him of what to say which was a kiss from Roxane . Cyrano was saying no it's to soon, but Christian say sooner or later we are going too. So later on someone was coming to the house to give a letter to Roxane, so Roxane then read the letter. I really like this scene towards the end because when Roxane was reading the letter out loud for everyone to hear, it was explaining how she didn't like Christian at first, which was funny cause Christian was their to hear what was in the letter. So later on in the letter it was saying how Christian and Roxane had to get married secretly by the Cardinal's decision before...
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