Cypw Level 2

Topics: Infection, Asthma, Common cold Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Signs and symptoms of child hood illness

Chicken pox – an infectious virus that also causes shingles in adults. Headache and a fever followed by an itchy, spotty red rash that first appears on the chest and then spreads over the body. It eventually turns to blisters and then scabs. Call your GP. Keep your child cool, use calamine to soothe the itching and discourage scratching! Treat a temperature with a fever-reducing medicine such as calpol

Croup – a common viral illness.
Symptoms come on very suddenly and are worse at night. They include a runny nose, fever and a barking cough, and your child might also lose their voice. There isn't a treatment for croup but a steamy atmosphere can help your child breathe. Try turning on all the hot taps in the bathroom and shutting the doors and windows.

Eczema – a common viral illness.
Itchy, dry skin that can crack and become infected. It usually affects the face, scalp, neck, front of the elbows and behind the knees. Use an emollient (skin moisturiser) to soothe and protect the skin. Pat your child dry after a bath instead of rubbing. Try to avoid irritants such as scented soaps, biological washing powders and bubble bath. Your GP might recommend an antihistamine to reduce the itching.

Headaches – usually a symptom of another illness.
Sharp or dull pains in any part of the head. Most headaches will eventually get better after sleep or rest. In the meantime, a medicine such as calpol will ease any discomfort. If you are feeling worried, just give your GP a call.

Impetigo – a highly infectious bacterial infection.
Small blisters that fill with pus. See your GP who will probably prescribe antibiotics. Keep your child away from other children and make sure they only use their own flannel and towel.

Measles – a highly infectious and serious virus.
Feverish symptoms with runny nose, a cough and possibly a headache for a few days. Then a blotchy rash of brownish-red spots appears behind the ears, spreading...
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