Cypop5 Legislation and Regulatory Bodies

Topics: Nanny, Children's rights in the United Kingdom, Au pair Pages: 3 (603 words) Published: June 18, 2013

Children Act 1989

This act acknowledged that children have rights and that their needs are paramount.

Children Act 2004

This act was written as a result of the death of a child due to neglect. The act expressed that every child matters and identified outcomes for all children to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic wellbeing. Although every child matters there is no longer an official programme there are no plans to repeal the legislative framework behind the outcomes.

Childcare Act 2006.

This is important to home based child care and has presented a number of changes. These are: • The Early Year’s Foundation Stage
• Ofsted registers
• Children centres and extended schools.
• Duty of local care authorities to ensure adequate childcare and information • Free early years 3 & 4 year old funding.

Equality act 2010

This brought together all earlier acts concerning equal opportunities. This guarantees that different groups of people are treated fairly .This includes men & women, people of different races, disabled people, people with different religions or no religions, people of different ages, Lesbian gay and bisexual & straight people and people who have changed their sex.

It also ensures that child minder’s anticipate the needs of the families in their care and make sensible adjustments to ensure disabled children and their families can access their service.

The Data Protection Act 1998 outlines the rules which protect the personal data of an individual and prevents information being passed on without their consent. In the case of children, their parents must give consent.

Riddor 1995

This specifies that certain accidents and injuries must be reported by law.

The main purpose of the regulations is to put together reports to the health and safety executive and to local authorities.

Home based child minders have a duty to report...
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