CYPCore31 2 Task3

Topics: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, Psychology, Behavior, Albert Bandura, Motivation / Pages: 4 (955 words) / Published: Mar 9th, 2015
CYP Core 3.1-2 Task 3
‘Understanding Child Development – Theorists’

How their theories influence current practice with children and young people.

Skinner – Operant Conditioning
Skinner believed that learning is influenced by reward and punishment. Behaviour is affected by positive reinforcement. He believed children will repeat experiences that are enjoyable and stay away from those that are not.

This influences current practice with children and young people as a variety of reward systems are in place by the teacher, teaching assistant and the school as a whole. Stickers, reward charts, table points, certificates etc are issued to students for positive behaviour and work. Along with this warnings, time outs and other consequences are given for negative behaviour. As a result, when children see that they are praised for their good work, they are more likely to repeat this.

Bandura – Social Learning Theory
Bandura believed that children copy others and they will copy adults that they like. He stated that a child affects and is affected by their environment and how we respond to a child will affect their behaviour.

This can be seen by adults being positive role models for the children inside and outside of the classroom. The teacher may seat children within the class so that those with more positive behaviour could influence others around them. Older children will also be used to 'model' behaviour in and around the school.

Piaget – Cognitive Development
Paiget believed that learning is based on experiences that are built up as a child grows. The way children think and learn is governed by their age and stage of development. He set out the four stages of cognitive development; sensory motor pre-operational concrete operational formal operational
He believed children are actively involved in their learning and that they develop schemas - theories based on their experiences.

Paiget therefore believed that children need a hands on approach to

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