CYP core 3.7

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CYP 3.7

There are many things that can impact a child’s life but he main three are social, economic and cultural factors. Being in a care system can effect children, it can make them insecure and unable to trust others, as there parents behaviour could be the reason they are in care. It can also change there personalities and make them feel different to a lot of other children. Bereavement and loss is another big issue that can impact a child’s life greatly. Loss can impact and effect everyone and anyone at any age. The children can struggle with the loss and can find it a lot of difficult to understand and accept. The children can also get very confused if the loss changes their life dramatically I.e.; new living arrangements

not understanding everything about the loss or bereavement
someone they knew and saw often not being there any more
routines changing
finance issues
change of lifestyle
change of schooling if had to move

Personal choice is another impact that can effect a child’s life as the child will have to make their own decisions and changes that will effect their social life. Weather in nursery or at school or within a child care system. They will have to make decisions like who they want to play with, what they want to play with, what activities they would like to do.

A child’s housing and community can have an impact as a poor quality house or small living spaces can affect a child’s development. Living in an anti social community can also effect a child as they may become reluctant to play as they don’t play in there community. Also families and children that live in rural areas can be effected as they wont be use to socialising as much or joining in so this could show during schooling with other children.

Poverty is also a big issue that will effect children, as a low income family will not be able to provide as well for there children as other families also a poor accommodation can have mental and physical effects to the child’s health.

If an education environment isn’t up to standards or meeting the criteria needed this can effect a child’s potential and development to there schooling.
The health status of a child can have impact on them as an existing illness such as asthma or diabetes can effect there home life and schooling as constant support may be needed. The health status of the parents can also effect the child as they may be a young carer. Which also links in with parents that are addicts which makes the children main careers which can effect a child’s social life, their attendance, the child may be stresses and distracted. A child being a main carer can also sometime lead to the child going into care. Also a disabled parent may need there child to also be a carer or if the child is disabled it can effect their education, the child may need respite care and support. These situations may also cause or lead to poverty which is also another effect to a child (as stated above).

There are many different ways of parenting and parenting styles. This can cause different expectations wanted by the parents, cultural styles of life can be a variation of a parenting style. An non-supporting parent can lead to anti-social behaviour within a child and challenging behaviour can accrue. The child can also become down and have low self-esteem. Religious beliefs and cultures can also lead to children being excluded as they may need specific settings and placements. Religious customs may also exclude children from there settings as they have different celebrations or routine of life. Also some ethnic beliefs can affect the child’s dietary needs, their aspects of life or their clothing. So all this above shows that may things can impact a child’s life for many reasons for example; financial, ethnic, health, religions or family status.

Poverty has a huge impact on children and young people. There is so much pressure on parents, families, carers and the local community to...
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