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CYL (Consolidate Your Learning) ® Version 1.0A Readme File
June 2010 © KIPS PUBLISHING WORLD, 2010. All rights reserved. CYL (Consolidate Your Learning) 1.0A is a Practicing Software for Computer students from Classes I VIII.

A. Version Compatibility B. Minimum System Requirements C. Installation D. Launching the CYL 1.0A E. Uninstalling the CYL 1.0A F. CYL Rounds Description G. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. Version Compatibility
CYL is compatible with any version of Windows Operating System starting from Windows XP. The software is designed for stand-alone machines. The software setup has an Integrated Setup File which will install all the required components on your system in a single execution.

B. Minimum System Requirements
System Level Specifications
  

Windows Operating System starting from Windows XP and above. 128 MB RAM. (Recommended: 256 MB RAM). Processor Speed: 1.1 GHz or above.

C. Installation
1. From CD-ROM
  Place the CYL CD-ROM in the CD-ROM Drive.

The disk is set in Auto-run Mode. If the disk fails to go in Auto-run mode, go to the CD-ROM drive icon in My Computer. Double click on it to see the CD Contents. Double click on setup.exe

In the following screen, choose the location where you would like to install the Software. Below the Location text box, choose the option, Install Kips for ‘Everyone’.

 

Select Next to start the CYL Installation. You will get a confirmation message stating that CYL has been successfully installed on your system.

.NET Framework – If the system does not have a .NET Framework patch, the Setup file will install a fresh copy of the same. In case your system has an older version, the Setup file will update the patch. If the .NET Framework present in your system is a more updated version than the minimum requirement; CYL Setup will not make any changes to the existing .NET patch.

Adobe Flash Player – The CYL CD is accompanied with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player which is mandatory for the proper functioning of CYL. If your system does not have Flash Player, please install the same from the folder, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 present in the CYL CD. If your system already has an older version of Flash Player, please uninstall it before continuing with the installation of the latest version.

D. Launching the CYL 1.0A
   Once the Setup finishes, you can launch the CYL software using the KIPS icon on your desktop. You can also launch it through: C:\Program Files\Kips\KIPS.exe

You will be greeted by the Welcome screen of CYL which has an introduction about the Software.

CAUTION: When you run the software for the first time, the CYL CD should be present in the CD-ROM Drive. This rule is mandatory only for the first-time execution.

2. From Local Disk
 For running the setup.exe from a folder present on your local machine, there is no change in the CYL Setup procedure.  When you run CYL for the first time, the system will ask for the location of the Setup file. Kindly specify the exact location of the setup file on your Local Disk.

E. Uninstalling the CYL 1.0A
To uninstall The CYL 1.0A: 1. For Windows XP  From the Start menu, choose Control Panel  Add or Remove Programs  Kips. 2. For Windows Vista / Windows 7  From the Start menu, choose Control Panel  Programs and Features  Select KIPS  Click on Uninstall.

CYL will be uninstalled from your machine.

F. CYL Rounds Description
 General Round: The student has to answer the questions using Drag and Drop Method. He/she will drag the answer to the answer box and drop it. Then the student has to press the SUBMIT button. If the answer is correct, CYL will give full marks for the question else no marks. 

G.K. Round: The student has to attempt the question by typing the answer in the answer box. Then he/she has to press the SUBMIT button. If the answer is correct, CYL will give full marks for the question else no marks.

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