Cyclops vs. Greeks

Topics: Odyssey, Greeks, Cyclops Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: December 14, 2005
Greeks and the Cyclops are both highly significant people in the story of the Odyssey. However, their lifestyles and ways of living are greatly diverse. Not only are their personalities unique from each other, however, their habitats and the environments they live in, also differ. In the end, it is blatant to anyone that Homer is attempting to prove that the Greeks and Cyclops are greatly dissimilar people, and should not be taken as the same. The Cyclops were beasts that trusted the everlasting gods. They never planted with their own hands or plowed the soil. They had no meeting place for the council, and no laws. They lived in their caverns ruling their wives and children only, and without a care at all for any neighbor. The Cyclops resided on an island that stretches flat across the harbor. The island is covered with thick, broad woods. These woods are the locality of where hundreds of goats breed. This area is solitarily home of the Cyclops. No other people settle here to cause commotion or to start the Cyclops from their lairs. No hunters ever come about and raid their woody ridges. No flock or group of people travel along their island. The vicinity is solely for the Cyclops and the hundreds of goats that breed and eat. The Cyclops don¡¯t have ships. Therefore, they cannot travel across the seas to meet other men or to trade. Also, they don¡¯t have to risk their lives sailing on the ocean like other men have to. The home of the Cyclops¡¯ was very fine. The place could bear any crop in season, the water-meadows along the low foaming shore ran soft and moist. The Cyclops were relaxed, laid-back people living in an almost empty place with no worries or much commotion in their lives. The Greeks were very different people from the Cyclops. They were so hospitable to the point that it makes the reader think that they were overly kind. If a Greek happened to stumble upon a lost or needing fellow, they would guide them to their home...
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