Cyberstalking: Schizophrenia and Global Legal Protection

Topics: Schizophrenia, Abuse, Stalking Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: September 7, 2011
* So, cyberstalking. A quick look around the internet, and you can find the a range of definitions, somewhat similar, but none too encouraging. We've just got a couple here. One site defines it as an attack for revenge, control or just simple anger. Another defines it as the use of electronic means to harass people. * If anything, then cyberstalking is a more severe form of cyberbullying and thus it should well be noted, that cyberstalking, in itself has the ability to absolutely demolish self-esteem, mental peace and general happiness of an individual. * So why is cyberstalking so very complicated? Simply because if someone is being bullied or cyber-bullied, they can seek help. However, what if you're being cyberstalked? With cyber-bullying, you can talk to someone about it and gain encouragement, courage and be better prepared mentally to deal with being bullied. But in the case of cyber stalking, you can definitely talk to someone about it, but just talking to someone won't help you get over or counter the problem, because there is in fact, a threat to your safety. It is well worth noting that there is no global legal protection against cyberstalking. Apart from controlling the extent of information you post on places such as social-networking sites, you can't do much more. This can be a massive problem, and really, cyberstalking is far from just a simple concept, it is quite complex in itself. * Intimate partner: this stalker, the most common type, is a partner or more usually an ex-partner who can't and wont accept that a relationship has come to an end. They can't let go. Vengeful stalker: this is the most dangerous type whose mission is to get even and/or take revenge. Mostly male, he has a grudge and he's going to do something about it. The vengeful stalker may never have met his victim, who may be a politician, council official, boss, organisation, etc. Delusional stalker: this one has a history of mental illness which may...
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