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Between the Lines of: Cyberspace

Is cyberspace bringing us closer together or farther apart? Before all evidence is in, writers are taking sides on the benefits and detriments of cyberspace. Social networks make us think that cyberspace brings us together, well they’re wrong. Cyberspace has its negative that hugely impact society today which in the end pushes us father apart. One of the negatives of cyberspace is addiction. In todays society with technology you can access the web from almost anywhere. We have cellphones, laptops, and tablets. You can even access the web from a gaming system like the Xbox360. Easy access to the web and social networking sites like Facebook and twitter can surely get one addicted, especially young teens and children. An article from Sydney Morning Herald reads “The Sun-Herald has spoken to parents of children as young as seven who are aggressive, irritable, and hostile when deprived of their iPad’s or laptops. Psychologists argue internet addictions share the characteristics of other addictions, including emotional shutdown, lack of concentration and withdrawal like symptoms if the gadgets are removed.” This shows that cyberspace has a large and negative influence on youth. This addiction to cyberspace can cause a person to change their ways drastically. People can neglect work and social relationships because of Internet addiction. In addition, there are also many health problems that could be linked to cyberspace addiction. The web is a huge part of society and most people cannot go a day without using it. However, cyberspace addiction has become an escalating problem that may never go away. 

Cyberspace can also cause one to change his or her ways or even relationships. Thompson talks about Mark Zuckerberg and how Facebook has abundantly changed the world.  Not only does he address Facebook, but Thompson also brings up Twitter and how that site has changed people and relationships.  Thompson discusses how people are so...
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