Cybersex Addiction

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Cybersex Addiction J Petrie Internet Sex Addiction

Internet has provided people with a huge number of benefits- which include increased knowledge data bases, reductions in communication barriers, and a much more pronoun wide reach around the globe internationally and locally. On the other hand, the same internet has also showed results of negative effects as well, of which is the most prominent is cybersex addictions. As the term cybersex suggests, that it is the virtual encounter to different forms of internet-based sex. All can cause problems by discussing or watching and pose risks to internet users by displaying explicit sexual materials. A cybersex situation is the encounter of two or more individuals connected by internet and use the act of giving or taking one thing in return for another that describe a sexual encounter or experience.

Cybersex is most commonly performed in the privacy of people’s homes, or in cyber cafes, educational institutions, workplaces, chat rooms, and online porn sites. The three main forms of internet-based cybersex are: Online Pornography which shows pictures, video, audio, and texting. Real Time Interactions which is talking to individuals about explicit sexual subjects of a discourse or of a section of a discourse in internet chat rooms, and exchange images or files, such as video and audio messages. Multi-Media Software is online erotic media, and CD-ROMs with sound and video clips, x-rated movies, and sexual games.

Also cybersex addictions have caused drastic psychological changes to active participants in the on-line community of the internet and serious symptoms of cybersex addiction to ones- self.

Cybersex Addiction J Petrie 1 The Causes and Symptoms of Cybersex Addiction
The signs and symptoms of cybersex addiction is when individuals have a compulsive need for and use of a habit to find themselves spending an amount of endless hours online watching and looking at explicit porno materials. These types also have the tendency to participate in online chats to be open in the depiction of nudity or sexuality. They are engaged in sexual activities online and have no concept of location and time, even if it effects their real life situations or relationships. When they are critically addicted to cybersex, they are totally lacking sexual intimacy with their real life spouse or partner. A pre-occupied mind set is another symptom of cybersex which shows that they are always thinking with sexual thoughts and behavioral activities. Even though they watch nudity and sexuality on the internet, at the end of their sessions, they feel guilty for doing it. This sexual behavior affects a person’s relationship or social life adversely. They cannot concentrate or focus at their workplace, and do not spend any quality time with family or friends, and don’t for fill their interest in their recreation or hobbies. Another telltale sign of cybersex is that they feel anxious if they cannot get online to fill their needs and desires to their addiction.

The causes are the lure of the fantasy which allows the person addicted to join into the world of cybersex fantasies, without dealing with the risk of ridicule or rejection. The fantasy lures online have sex products available with a wide range of options to the user such as, choice of age, gender, hair, skin, body shape, eye color. They can even pick the sexual scenarios, positions, or desires that they would like to give free rein to. For these type of people with their own concern for their way of their comfort in their sexual desires, the internet does provide them with plenty of explicit...

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