Cybercrime Law

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Republic Act No. 10175: Anti- Cybercrime Law

It aims to address legal issues concerning online interactions and the Internet in the Philippines. Among the cybercrime offenses included in the bill are cybersquatting, cybersex, child pornography, identity theft, illegal access to data and libel. While hailed for penalizing illegal acts done via the internet that were not covered by old laws, the act has been criticized for its provision on criminalizing libel, which is perceived to be a curtailment in freedom of expression. In my point of view, it is good that the government is concerned to the welfare of the Filipino citizens concerning to the negative and harmful effects of the cyberspace. I guess that through this cybercrime law, many innocent children can be protected from pornography and fallacies that they can get from the internet. I think that these are the advantages of the cybercrime law; this law protects people that are being hurt through the cyberspace and under the anti-cybercrime prevention act 2012 of the Philippines in which cyberspace libel, cybersex, computer related fraud, computer related identity theft and illegal access to a computer system or hacking is considered as a crime.

The Cybercrime Law of the Philippines is more of a benefit to many Filipino citizens, its aims to the Filipino public is very positive. This law serves to protect and take care of many Filipino Citizens in the cyberspace and also many Filipino would become more responsible and disciplined in using many internet sites. They are also many bad reactions coming from some people that the cybercrime law is hindering the freedom of expression, which I think is untrue. The law is not hindering our freedom of expression, it is just making us aware that there are some things we say in the internet that could hurt many people so we should avoid it and every citizen should...
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