Cybercrime Law

Topics: Authority, Max Weber, Linguistics Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Introduction to Grant Writing Guide:  This Indiana Cadre 3 “Grant Writing Guide” has been organized to improve the quality of your grant application and increase the chance of funding.  Each section of the online application form is described in this document.  You will be able to cut and paste text from this form to the online application.  Anything that is in black text is from the online RFP  My writing tips are in Red.  Since this particular “Grant Writing Guide” includes example text from a successful grant applicant, my tips are minimal. You should be able to see the relationship between the example text and the RFP information pretty clearly. Rubric Criteria for each section are in Blue.  I have included the highest end of the evaluation rubrics for each section of the narrative so you can see bold faced terms that should be considered in your writing.  The grant writing system we are using is called “Grant Success.” I developed “Grant Success.” over a decade of technology grant application in Ohio.  The core element of Grant Success is the Grant Writing Guide.  It is organized to give you maximum and continuous access to the RFP expectations for each section of the narrative.  This immediate access to expectations and vocabulary will increase the focus and quality of your grant application.  My work with CIM Solutions has been 100% successful in Indiana. We met like this last spring with three school districts. All three were funded consistent with their applications

One Caution:  You will be introduced to “Grant Success” today.  If you have grant writing experience, you should see the advantage of the process for novice grant writers and grant applications that need to be completed on very short timelines.  Allow yourselves to be immersed in “Grant Success” for today.  If you have a better system, you may be able to work some of my ideas into that system in the future.  As it stands, you have less than a week to create this grant application.  My...
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