Cybercrime and Its Impact in Bangladesh

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Cybercrime and Its Impact in Bangladesh

Cybercrime and Its Impact in Bangladesh

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Farah, Farhat Tasannum
Course Instructor: Business Communication

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Imon, Faisal Ahmed
ID. 11-19592-3 Mosharrof, Mahedi ID. 11-19794-3


Cyber and technology related crime is on the increase and current trends indicate that it will be a significant issue in Bangladesh. It has already been seen that a glomming threat becomes visible in the arena of information technology. The hacking of RAB website and e-mail threats of former prime minister are example for few of them.

In contrast, cybercrime is becoming a threat to government itself. Due to lack of necessary legislation to tackle such type of crime, cyber criminals are almost in the safe side to commit such crime. In the Information and Communication Technology Act.2006, there are several clauses against cybercrime. But this Information and Communication Technology act is not the concert one. By enacting this act, there is a chance to become safe side after committing crimes. So, considering these facts a comprehensive Cybercrime Protection Act should be imposed.

This report incorporates the impacts of cybercrime in Bangladesh especially focuses on the area of Personal life, Workplace as well as Policy making Bodies or thinkers. We believe the report would help all relevant concerns and especially policy makers.

Abbreviation and Acronyms

AFP Australian Federal Police BP Bangladesh Police BTTB Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board CID Criminal Investigations Department ICT Information and Communication Technology IOP Investigations, Operations and Prosecutions IRC Internet Relay Chat TEDS Training and Executive Development Specialist

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1.0 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Problems 1 1.3 Objectives 2 1.4 Scopes and Limitation 2...
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