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Bobby Luckett Jr.
EDUC 746 Conflict Resolution
Dr. Joseph Haas
October 7, 2014

Introduction to Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying ?
◦ Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that takes
place with the use of electronic technology.
◦ Cyberbullying is a serious crime that is becoming
more of a problem in United States every day.
◦ Cyberbullying can also include infecting the
computers of others with viruses intentionally.

Introduction to Cyberbullying

How is Cyberbullying Committed?

Ways that Cyberbullying is committed.
◦ Cyberbullying is committed through the use of
electronic technology and social media.
 Examples include the use of email, instant
messaging, Facebook, cell phones, computers,
tablets, websites, and other technology media.

◦ Cyberbullying can actually take place in the open.
 Ex. It can take place in places such as libraries and
computer labs.

Signs of Cyberbullying

Signs of Cyberbullying Continued

What are some signs of Cyberbullying?
◦ A child that is being bullied may be:
 Withdrawn
 Antisocial
 Having trouble sleeping

Signs of Cyberbullying Continued

What are more signs of cyberbullying?
◦ A child that is bullying may:
 use their computer during late nightly hours
 laugh a number of times excessively when on the
 avoid talking about what they are currently doing on
the computer
 sometimes switch their screens or quickly close their
program if someone walks by

Victims of Cyberbullying

There are several ways that cyber bully
victims feel.
◦ They get uneasy when it is time for them to go to
◦ They become withdrawn from their family and
◦ They are more susceptible to suicide attempts.
◦ They sometimes start to ask questions about
revenge, death, or suicide.

Victims of Cyberbullying

Causes of Cyberbullying

What are some causes of cyberbullying?
◦ Some children commit the crime of cyberbullying
for entertainment purposes.
◦ Children hurt their peers with the use of
technological resources.
◦ Some teens have low self-esteem problems.
◦ Some cyber bullies commit this crime just to get a
good laugh from their fellow peers.

More Causes of Cyberbullying

What are more causes of Cyberbullying?
◦ It make them feel good about themselves in a
negative way.
◦ This negative gives them attention from their
◦ Cyber bullies commit this crime to snoop around
in others teens’ computers.
◦ Cyber bullies commit this crime to get revenge on
their peers.
◦ Cyber bullies can sometimes be embarrassed of
their parent’s addiction.

More Causes of Cyberbullying

Defenses against Cyberbullying

These are defenses against cyberbullying.
◦ Parents and schools can teach respect to teens
and young adults.
◦ Schools can have counseling sessions for victims
of cyberbullying.
◦ Schools can have counseling sessions for children
committing the crime of cyberbullying.
◦ Watch for the first signs of cyberbullying.

More Defenses against

More Defenses against

What are more cyberbullying defenses?
◦ Parents and schools should monitor students’
computer and cell phone usage.
◦ Parents have to really pay close attention to what
their children are doing when they use technology
and social media.
◦ Parents should also have discussions with their
children about what they do when they are online,
and highly discourage secrecy while online.

Preventing Cyberbullying

What are ways to prevent cyberbullying?
◦ Perpetrators can be reminded of legal actions if
they commit the crime of cyberbullying.

Preventing Cyberbullying

What are other way to prevent
◦ Schools can also help to stop cyberbullying before
it starts by educating students about it.
◦ Teachers must also promote a positive, bully-free,
and safe school environment for...

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