Cyber Wars

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Cyber Wars
After viewing his report, I am shocked to hear about the risk our country is in. This report stated various ways in which foreign countries and even our own U.S. Citizens can hack into our databases and steal our countries most vital information. I believe that the thought of our worlds information systems to be attacked is highly possible. They were discussing how people are hacking into banks and stealing thousands to millions of dollars everyday, into our oil and electricity plants, and into our national security. These three things are huge to our country. This country runs on electricity, a blackout will put the country in a more vulnerable position. During these blackouts other countries can be accessing our information and without electricity we will not be able to stop them. The video exposed different ways that people can get a hold on our information. What was interesting to me was how there is no set plan on how we will prevent this from happening. For example, the electricity plant was asked by congress to come up with a back up plan in a case of a serious blackout. This electricity plant not only lied to congress about creating a plan but till this day there is not set plan oh how we are preparing ourselves. They stated that many people do not see the seriousness of these people hacking into our systems because all they are concerned about is profit. I believe that if more things went public about what is really going on than more people would be aware of the this cyber war we currently living in.

In a Frontline article published in 2003, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. They quote a former head of the National Security Agency J. M. McConnell about the seriousness of this issue. He states, “The critical infrastructure of the United States, including electrical power, finance, telecommunications, health care, transportation, water, defense and the Internet, is highly vulnerable to cyber attack. Fast and resolute mitigating...
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