Cyber Schooling: Yea or Neh??

Topics: Education, Psychology, School Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: March 19, 2014
In today's advanced technological era, we have come to find, we can receive education online. some may find it more affordable, while others are still not sure of it's effectiveness or credentials. One thing is for sure, from a elementary stand point, it is one I will certainly approve of since enrolling my children into a Cyber academy.

A classroom setting, within a school building, is certainly one of difference compared to a Cyber academy. You are confined to one area...for several hours a day. No real conformity allowed, you must follow dress codes and procedures, must conduct yourself in a fashionable manner,...just very cramped and uncomfortable. But in a Cyber school environ, you can be more relaxed, able to move about, follow each subject at YOUR pace..YOUR leisure. A much more suitable standard of learning which makes it easier to absorb the information given. Test scores are higher with no distractions, studying made easier, there is a little pressure with deadlines and whatnot,..but not as they would be surrounded by 40-60 other peers whom look at you and judge you day in and day out.

Now, with my opinion set on the subject, there are many others who frown upon the advantage of Cyber Schooling. Calling it a "cop out". They claim it is for students whom "can't handle the pressures of the day to day life" and so on and so forth. Those whom make such a claim, have no idea how hard it is but in the same right, how much more relaxed it is,..then sitting and listening to lectures, surrounded by others whom have no clue what is being said and or even know what to do.

I invite anyone out there to at least,...ask for a trial run of a cyber school, university, etc., see for yourself....if it is right for you or a member of your family. You may be surprised on just how much more you may get out of it then most.
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