Cyber Games

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What is a Cyber Game or Video Games? This is a game in the form of computer software, run on a personal computer or games machine and played by one or more people using a keyboard, mouse, control pad, or joystick. Computer games usually combine sound and graphics and range from traditional games such as chess to fast-moving action games or complex puzzles.

Video and computer games, like many popular, entertaining and addicting kid activities, are looked down upon by many parents as time-wasters, and worse, parents think that these games rot the brain. Also, violent video games are readily blamed by the media and some experts as the reason why some youth become violent or commit extreme anti-social behavior. But many scientists and psychologists find that video games actually have many benefits – the main one being making kids smart. Video games may actually teach kids high-level thinking skills that they will need in the future.

Here are some of the good effects of the Cyber Games. Cyber Games give your child’s brain a real workout. In many video games, the skills required to win involve abstract and high level thinking. These skills are not even taught at school. Some of the mental skills trained by video games include:

Following instruction
Problem solving and logic
Hand-eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills
Resource management and logistics
Multitasking, simultaneous tracking of many shifting variables and managing multiple objectives •Quick thinking, making fast analysis and decisions
Strategy and anticipation
Developing reading and math skills
Pattern recognition
Estimating skills Inductive reasoning and hypothesis testing •Memory
Reasoned judgments
Teamwork and cooperation when played with others
Simulation, real world skill

Video games introduce people to computer technology and the online world. You should recognize that we are now living in a high-tech,...
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