Cyber Crimes Informative Speech

Topics: Fraud, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Law enforcement agency Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: March 24, 2011
I. In a rapidly advancing world, where the needs of communication and access to information are more than necessary elements, the Internet has become the solution, available to every person. II. The internet is the technological genius of the computer age. Although the internet is a phenomenal tool, providing access to the world, it has also become a Shangri-La for criminals. The internet, because of the ability to remain anonymous, is the perfect playground for this type of mayhem. III. The increasing number of virtual criminals that lurk behind the virtual walls awaiting their victims to log on to the net and fall prey to their malicious tactics and easy baits increases daily. When an internet crime takes place, a computer may be used in the commission of the crime, or be the target of the crime. IV. Today, I would like to expand your knowledge on the types of crimes being committed via the internet, as well as explain how to protect yourself and your computer against these crimes and why we are morally obligated to report these crimes. TYPES

Growth Rates- In 2010, the FBI received 303,809 reports of cybercrime from U.S. residents, and referred 121,710 to law enforcement agencies for further investigation. This was an approximate 10% decrease from 2009 when the FBI received 336,655 reports. However, looking at the longer term, it was an approximately 1800% increase over the figures from 2000, when only 16,838 complaints were recorded. Fraud, FBI-related scams and identity theft were the most reported incidents. MONEY

Victims: The most likely victims or internet crime are the easily deceived such as the elderly who are more trusting and children who believe the people they meet on the internet are as friendly as people outside of the computer world. A second category is those that are desperate or greedy. They are usually involved in get rich quick scams which can lead to legal and financial problems. The third types of victims are those that are...
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