Cyber Crimes

Topics: Police, Internet, Online predator Pages: 7 (2652 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Cyber Crime
Cyber crime, since the late 1980s to the early 1990s, has become an increasingly dominant form of crime throughout the world; however, we are just recently beginning to create solutions to these growing epidemics in the world. The solutions we have to these rising problems are created to help the victims, their families, and the communities around the offended persons. In the year 2001 “the FBI opened more than 1,500 cases involving Internet child sexual exploitation, compared to only 113 cases in 1996” (Hansen). These exploitations involve cyber bullying, embarrassing or hateful images, and verbal assault, as well as many others. So now the questions are: What are the risks adolescents face using the Internet? Are the youth of America and the rest of the world safe from online predators? Through research we have tried to help answer these questions. Obviously, there are many risks, no matter what age you are, that you will face if you use the Internet in an unsafe way. As with any other part of your social life, there are many precautions you should take when you surf the web. A big solution to cyber crime would be the precautionary steps that you take for yourself to avoid unwanted situations on the web. So now the task society has ahead of them is to find a way to protect our communities and our identities without sacrificing the technological advances that have opened new doors and given us the world at our fingertips. As research shows, many people throughout the world have suffered immensely from cyber crimes, and victims of these crimes are now learning how to cope with their past experiences and are being taught to solve future cyber dilemmas. These crimes have become a huge part of culture, threatening the lives and wellbeing of teens and adults alike. The Internet itself has created a portal for anonymous predators to enter your home, invade your privacy and take advantage of today’s youth with the click of a button. It is because of this that I strongly support cybercrimes as being illegal and inhumane. As each year passes, our knowledge of these crimes grows as well as the number of victims and predators of these cyber crimes. For instance, “With more than 560,000 registered sex offenders in the United States (over 100,000 of them living in California) it should come as no surprise that one-in-five girls and one-in-10 boys are sexually exploited” (Greenblatt). These statistics tell us that when we are using the Internet we really don’t know who we are talking to. We really should be more careful with whom we give out our personal information to and whom we confide in on the Internet.

“ Fifteen-year-old Amy had been hounding her mother to sign up for Internet service at home. “I kind of had a fear of it,” said her mother Sara. “I’d come home with newspaper articles I’d read about kids being lured by adults they’d met online.” But Amy was already using the Internet at the public library and school anyway. “She set up her own...account with a password and free e-mail.”

Sara found out that Amy had been sharing many personal conversations with Bill, whom she had “met” in an online chatroom. They discussed her desire to live her life differently. Bill was “sympathetic” to Amy’s dreams and desires. By getting to know and sympathizing with her concerns or fears, Bill was able to break down her inhibitions. When Amy didn’t come home one night, Sara knew something was wrong. So she began a search of Amy’s room. “I found a note Amy wrote saying she was 98 percent sure she was going to do this trip. The note said she’d be getting on a bus.” At this same time, Amy was at the bus station on the telephone with Bill. He was saying, “You can’t go home now, because I’ll get caught.” Amy felt compelled to keep him from getting apprehended. Sara said, “I went to my local police station and tried to get them to go and...
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