Cyber Crime in America

Topics: Computer, Attack, Attack! Pages: 4 (2352 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Cyber-crime is becoming a massive problem for citizens and businesses. Every day there is a hacker that gets into a computer system and causes trouble. It’s all due to businesses and individuals being careless with their computer security. People need to start realizing this is a serious issue and can affect anybody. There are numerous steps that need to be taken in order to protect individuals and businesses security. Hackers are getting smarter and want to find new ways to infiltrate your computer system. They want to find ways to get to your files and your credit card information. Hackers find new ways to get into our computers every day and know the ins and outs of computers. These hackers have the ability to shut down a national company that specializes in computer security. There are so many terrible things that these hackers can do to your computer. We need to take the proper steps to protect ourselves and to ensure that the hackers do not harm us or our computers.

Cyber-crime is one of the newer forms of crime that have risen over the past few decades. While this form of crime cannot physically hurt anyone, it will certainly hurt their pocket, their dignity and their computer. Being a new form of crime, there are not very many ways to prevent it or how to locate the criminals. Many people have been harmed in many different ways by this crime. These people have lost personal items, documents, and potentially credit card information. The way we can solve cyber-crime is by limiting our personal information about ourselves on the internet, joining random Wi-Fi networks, and avoiding random or spam accounts on social media websites. Cyber-crime is dangerous for both individuals and large businesses and both need to take the proper precautions to prevent being in danger. Definition

One of the first questions that must be answered is what exactly a cyber-crime is and how do people commit the crime. Since cyber-crime is such a...

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