Cyber Crime

Topics: Terrorism, Cyberterrorism, Cyberspace Pages: 6 (2993 words) Published: December 29, 2014

My conclussion on cyber-terrorism is that there is no definitive definition of cyberr-terrorism. There is many different forms of cyber-terrorism attacks these include, the following ones such as " the premeditated, politically motivated attack against information,computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets by sub-national or clandestine agents" quoted by Mark Pollitt FBI 1997. The phrase cyber terror first appeared in the mid-eighties. Many different people have come up with variouse different deffinitions of cyber crime and there is a large difference between definitions of cyber terrorism. what we really need is an actual clear deffinition that everyone uses to define cyber terrorism from other forms of cyber crime. during my research i came acrossa group of German hackers used an ActiveX control which they used to make unauthorized transfers with Intuit's Quicken finincial softeaware. the group were called Chaos Computer Club (CCC) with this softwear they were able to snatch money from someones account and put it into another account without haveing to enter any personal information my beleive is that this group commited cyber terrorism for their own personal reasons suach as to take money from unexpected people and put it into false accounts i beleive they did this to put fear into people to show them that they can take all their money without them knowing and to cause panic in the financial region. this instance of cyber terrorism i found this example from Cyber terrorism involves two primary elements: cyberspace and terrorism, and can be defined as the use of information technology by terrorist groups with intentions of personal gain and widespread damage. cyber terrorism so appealing for criminals is that remote attacks which means they can launch an attack from anywhere in the world, damage scope they can also cause a greater fear factor, a cyber terrorist need only minimal resources all they would require is a single person in front of a computer which is connected to the internet on the other hand Traditional terrorism often requires much more resources such as man power, finances, security access and would also require weapons or explosives . cyber terrorism provides the same amount of fear and devastation sometimes it can cause even more.The term “cyberterrorism” encompasses two other terms – cyberspace and terrorism. The word “cyber” designates what type of terrorism is being referred to. The prefix “cyber” originates from the ancient Greece and means “skilled in steering or governing.” Many people claim that this term might not match well, since the Internet (the cyberspace) is not digitally, electronically, or otherwise controlled. Nevertheless, the term is deemed to be more accurate than terms like “virtual space/world/universe/reality,” which have different existential context and are not semantically appropriate the emergence of the Internet and its wide-range spectrum of opportunities have influenced considerably the terrorists’ methods and behaviour. the UKs terrorism act describes terrorism as "the use or threat of action designed to influence the government or an international governmental organisation or to intimidate the public, or a section of the public made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause" with this I believe they describe it as if someone causing serious violence against someone or damage to a persons property and life. also in my understanding of cyber terrorism I believe that some one could commit cyber terrorism by hacking into a hospital computer and changing someones medication to give them a leathal overdose and killing them there has been a rumor this has happned some time ago but no article can be found the rumor was that a mob boss had been shot and an assassin hacked into hospital...
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