Cyber Crime

Topics: Security, Computer security, Information security Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: December 6, 2014
Seungpil Lee, Hyungseok Kang
ESL 0959-11
Yasmin Hotasim
10, Nov, 2014
Cyber Crime

THESIS: There are some sites about getting into places you weren't supposed to go. In the past few years, cybercrime wasn’t that much problem because computer wasn’t function of medium; however, we live with computer recently. All of your information is cradle to grave.

Ⅰ. The problem is not going away

A. Problem
(1). Cybercrime is not being solved anytime soon and it can happen everywhere. (2). It is a tool of mass destruction.
(3). Security is an unresolved question.
(4). Security breaches were not common.

B. Data
(1). Jan 1, 2009 ~ May 31, 2012, exposed private information in more than 94 million records. (2). Only 24% of chief information security officers were very confident data protected. (3). 86 percent of information officers said insufficient funding was the key barrier to addressing cybersecurity, and 70 percent of them have reported a breach.

Ⅱ. South Carolina Security Breach.

A. Works
(1). In the fall of 2012, the South Carolina Department of Revenue became victim to the single-largest security breach in the country. (2). The hackers ended up with 3.8 million Social Security numbers, 3.3 million bank account numbers and information on almost 700,000 businesses. (3). Cyber criminals gained access to 44 of the revenue department's computer systems.

B. Reason
(1). Officials thought there was a little chance of a problem. (2). It was about the failure to deploy even the most basic technology and organizational structure. (3). It cost $12 million for one year for protection.

Ⅲ. Utah Breach in Medicaid Data.

A. Problem
(1).Utah experienced its own data breach in March 2012, when personal data for more than 700,000 residents was stolen.
(2).Doctors' offices were checking the state's databases on all of their patients, also known as pinging, to see if they were covered by Medicaid or Medicare. (3).Each time a...
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