Cyber Crime

Topics: Security, Computer crime, Cyberspace Pages: 8 (2381 words) Published: July 23, 2013
cyber crime

Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, {Bi-Monthly}, ISSN2249-9598, Volume-III, Issue-IV, July-Aug 2013

Need to understand Cyber Crime’s Impact over national Security in India: A case study

P.R. Patil and D.V. Bhosale Dept. of Defence & Strategic Studies, Tuljaram Chaturchand College, Baramati, DistPune, Maharashtra, India

This Study focuses on how cyber crime is significant enough to become national security priority and how environment in India is vulnerable for cyber attack. This vulnerable environment can exploit by the hacker and may be that will be any national security issue all over the country. Information is powerful tool in today’s planet. This paper addresses the cyber threats and the awareness of the people regarding the same. Through interviews of student, Teachers (of computer science), Bank Employees, Information Security Professionals this paper aims to identify the current scenario of cyber crime and how it can affect national security of India. Our finding shows that Indian people don’t have much awareness about the cyber crime and this can be harmful for national Security. To mitigate these risks we have provided solutions and suggestion it can reduce the impact of cyber crime. KEYWORD: - Need of e-society, Problem for e-society, Impact of e-society’s problem over national security. Introduction: Today’s world is known as w3 (World Wide Web) planet. Computer Network is backbone of growth of economies, vigorous research communities, strong militaries, transparent governments, and faire free societies. The electronic services like emails, internet banking & cyber space are essential part of society. So, Cyber security and information security are growing demands across all the sectors in the government as well as private firms. With the advent of information technology comes a threat of it is being misused. Today cyber crimes are much more sophisticated than they were saying 5 years back (1). Cyber attacks pose serious threats to the sensitive information, possessed both by public and private sector, and could potentially jeopardize national security (2). Cyber crime is threat to National Security of all countries (3). We hear about viruses causing millions of dollars damage, hackers from other countries capturing credit card information from financial institutions, websites of large corporations and governments being defected for political reasons. This happens with technologically developed countries also. But in India Environment is little bit different because most of the people don’t even know that anybody can still their important information about credit card or internet banking. So there is need to aware those people, how this problem is becoming global issue. Cyber crimes reported in India are Denial of Service, defacement of website, Spam, Computer virus and worms, pornography, cyber squatting, cyber stalking and phishing(4).

Impact Factor-2.089[ISRA JIF]

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Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, {Bi-Monthly}, ISSN2249-9598, Volume-III, Issue-IV, July-Aug 2013

When we see the history of world we come across, there is a negative thinking mindset is rises the critical environment in front of society. As a resultant jeopardize national security comes in crucial. Lot of thinker think over it and tries to provide solution on it and lot times it will be change his face. Now it comes in front of world in the scene of cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism—increasingly intruding into today environment. Before starting the discussion we have to know that what is cybercrime and types of cybercrime. “Any crime that happens through the computer or computer network is called as cybercrime.” There are various types of cybercrimes noticed a)Financial crime b) Cyber pornography c) IP crime d) Email spoofing e)Cyber Stalking f) Unauthorized Access (Hacking) h) Email bombing i) Salami Attacks j) Virus and worms k)...
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