Cyber Communication

Topics: Mobile phone, Abuse, Adolescence Pages: 3 (1284 words) Published: March 28, 2010
Cyber communication

Cyber socializing or cyber communication has led this country to a new age of technology, but cyber communication is very dangerous because you can give out tons of information which can lead people to being cyber stalked for one example. Cyber communication definitely sounded like a good idea back in the sixties when it was made for the army and only the army to use ( Once it wandered in to the homes of “non-professionals” or average people however some of the people with bad intentions took over the cyber world by hacking and stalking innocent people. These perverted people searched through chat rooms of innocent people and got them to give away personal information. Cyber communication through cell phones is also a big problem among teens. About 25 percent of American teen’s text in school, this leads to grades decreasing. Sexting is also another major problem in the world.

The laws on sexting are so strict to where you can go to jail for many years if caught. Many teenagers these days try to get nude pictures from their girlfriend/boyfriend. What these teens do not know is that having these pictures is a federal offense. Two kids at my school just this year have already gotten into trouble for having inappropriate pictures on their phone. One student got nine days of out of school suspension and the other got kicked out of school. I consider these people to be lucky because one article stated that a girl named Jesse Logan committed suicide over sexting. She was a happy teenager until her world turned upside down when her boyfriend broke up with her. Her boyfriend sent the nude pictures of herself to everybody through email and text. Once the students of the school got these pictures they emotionally attacked her. This was so overwhelming that she started to skip class because of it. She eventually hanged herself at the age of eighteen (Mike Celizic). The people...
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