Cyber Café Business Plan

Topics: Coffee, Marketing, Balance sheet Pages: 21 (3481 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Appendix 4: Sample Business Plan
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Summary
3. Services
4. Market Analysis
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Management Summary
7. Financial Plan
1. Executive Summary
Jedi Café, a cyber café located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island, offers a perfect spot for the public in social gathering and leisure. It provides customers free access to the Internet as well as an area for to meet together in a casual environment under an economical manner. The business intends to obtain finance from external equity in the amount of USD61,540, for which the application will be for commencing work on shop renovation, equipment purchases, and as operating cash flow. Preliminary capital injection has already been secured by the initial owners, Obewon Kinobi and Alex Skywalker, in the amounts of USD24,360 and USD15,385 respectively. Jedi Café will be incorporated as a limited liability company. The two initial owners will be the shareholders and their personal liabilities will be subject to a ceiling at the amount of their respective investments. The finance acquired through this business proposal will allow Jedi Café to successfully open and operate as a cyber café. A comfortable and innovative environment is provided to the customers with a casual atmosphere. Operations in year one will generate Jedi Café a regular customer base that will allow it to be self-maintained in year two. 1.1 Objectives

Jedi Café’s objectives for the first year of operation include:  The creation of an exclusive, stylish, innovative environment that will distinguish Jedi Café from other coffee shops.  The creation of a comfortable and casual environment that will bring people with different interests and backgrounds together for socialization.  High-quality coffee and bakeries at a reasonable price.

 Free access to online services.
1.2 Mission
As Internet has become more popular and grown at an expeditious pace, easy access has become a part of life. Jedi Café provides the public free access to the Internet, high-quality food and beverages in a comfortable environment. People from different backgrounds will come to enjoy the exclusive, stylish, and innovative environment that Jedi Café offers. 1.3 Risks

The risks involved with Jedi Café’s business are:
 Insufficient demand for the services provided by Jedi Café in Happy Valley.  The popularity of the Internet stops to grow.
 The opening of new cafés in the same area which offers the exact services that Jedi Café provides. 5
2. Company Summary
Jedi Café, soon to be opened at Shing Wo Road in Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island, will provide the public free access to the Internet and a special and innovative environment for enjoying top quality coffee and bakeries. Individuals of all ages and backgrounds will find Jedi Café appealing. The staffs of Jedi Café provide not only top quality service but also helpful instructions to customers in computer usage. This educational aspect will attract elderly customers and youngsters who do not own computers at home. The easy access location also provides residents in the same area convenience to their gourmet and online needs. 2.1 Company Ownership

Jedi Café will be privately owned by Obewon Kinobi, the founder and CEO, and Alex Skywalker, a second shareholder. 2.2 Start-up Summary
Jedi Café’s start-up costs will cover renovation, furniture, computers, coffee machines and cooking equipment, and running capital to cover expenses in the first year. The equipment provided to Jedi Café’s customers with high-speed connection to the Internet forms a large portion of the start-up costs. These costs will include computers, two laser printers and a scanner. Besides, the start-up costs will comprise the coffee machines such as one espresso machine, one automatic coffee grinder, and other additional equipment. The shop will also require funds for...
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