Cyber bullying extended essay

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THE REALITY BEHIND THE CYBER WORLD: My thoughts on Cyber Bullying

“Bullying builds character like nuclear waste creates superheroes. It’s a rare occurrence and often does much more damage than endowment”. (Van, 2011). Nowadays, our world is facing different problems, issues, and concerns that people hardly realize. Some of these issues are not properly addressed by our government for there are other issues that need to be taken first of. One of these issues is cyber bullying.

I know that all of us are fond of using Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other sites to connect with anyone around the world. And this is all because of our improving and high technology gadgets. Bullying that pops around cyber world goes much beyond. Cyber bullies are taking advantage of SNS to bully others not physically but emotionally. Cyber bullying is very crucial. It makes the victim full of painful experiences in life. And sometimes, it leads to suicide. Suicidal effect is the worst effect of cyber bullying. Technology is viral nowadays. It has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to people if they are going to use it in a right way or wrong way. If you are going to use it in a wrong way, it can lead to cyber bullying which is a very bad idea. Even though we have freedom of speech, we should be careful on what we are posting in internet for many can see it. If you bully, think of the feelings that you may feel if you are in the victims’ shoes. If you do not like to feel the way they feel, stop it. Sincerely say sorry for those who you hurt. Moreover, if you are the victim, do not commit suicide. Just have faith in God that you are going to overcome that problem. Show those who bully you that you got some power and you’re strong. Don’t be such an ugly and weakly duckling. Always remember that your family, friends, and loved ones are always there for you. FIGHT FOR YOURSELF, DON’T BE SCARED, AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! What cyber bullying is all about?

Bullying is already unlimited. It can be done not only in physical, emotional, and verbal ways, but also in cyber world. This new formed type of bullying is labeled as online harassment or what we known as cyber bullying. Some were saying that cyber bullying is only for minors and cyber stalking and cyber harassment is for adults. In cyber bullying, “the aggression occurs through modern technological devices specifically mobile phones and the internet”. (Slonje & Smith, 2008). Cyber bullying is harassment thru internet. Making fake accounts, iniquitous posts such as embarrassing pictures and scandals, and sending mean messages thru SNS, email, and chat are all means of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be also sending a message to another that contains unwanted or unfriendly information about someone that can lead to a fight. It can also include defamation which is the act of defaming or harming others’ reputation. Ann Frisén (2010), Professor of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg, said “Cyber bullying occurs when new technologies such as computers and mobile phones are used to harass or bully somebody. The perpetrators often use SMS, e-mail, chat rooms and Facebook to spread their message and this type of bullying can be more serious than conventional bullying. At least with conventional bullying the victim is left alone on evenings and weekends”. Sometimes, the bully in cyber bullying remains anonymous. Bullying in cyberspace is much easier than bullying face-to-face or cyber bullying is much easier than the traditional bullying because in cyber space, one can bully another with him or her being unknown, therefore he or she will be less on being caught. But why do people bully online? According to Ghosh (2013), there are top four reasons of cyber bullying. The first one is “revenge”. People who bully because of revenge usually don’t see themselves as bullies. They may be protecting, avenging, or attempting to get back at someone because their...

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