Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Personal life Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: December 3, 2014
GALDONES, Jamille Carol G. Prof Bethlehem Moneza SY12310
Cyber bullying
When was the last time you didn’t make use of technology in your daily life? If you think about it, the answer to this might be that you have no idea. Everyone has become more dependent on technology and spend much of your time on it. This can lead to social problems in the community, the real world. The main reason why this is a subject that needs more attention is because of the problems technology had caused in the community nowadays including, cyber bullying. Today, the use of technology has lead to a new form of bullying that some causes suicides, called cyber bullying. There are many ways to bully someone and the problem is arising in today’s classrooms and on the popular internet websites called facebook and twitter. It is having the ability to posts things not personally but anonymously. With more young people using social media like facebook and twitter, teens have more of a chance to become victim of bullying. Facebook is working hard to make their privacy setting stronger, but it will take some time. Internet in general as well as cell phones is a growing problem for teens and children. Technology has become such a vital part in everyday life. Cyber bullying is becoming a much more common issue then it ever has been. There are students and teens getting cyber bullied that have to live with what happened to them and the things people say do scar to them for life and that can begin to cause problems when they are working and interacting with others. Cyber bullying will lead to low confidence or maybe even depression. Depression can be a lead role in suicide caused by bullying. When it comes to technology in teens, teens will post mean things without even considering the tragic outcome. Due to advance in technology, the younger generation has experienced major problems. These problems are caused by the advance in technology, which can often harm a teen or a...
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