Cyber Bullying and Teen Girl Violence

Topics: Abuse, Violence, Bullying Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: March 4, 2010
The recent epidemic of girl on girl violence and cyber bullying has parents, teachers, psychologists, and society wondering, where has all this come from? Something must be done to reduce or eliminate this behavior of teens in 2010. While most people want to know who is to blame, the more important question is why.

Child and adolescent psychologists continue to study the actions of teen girls, including why physical fighting and cyber bullying have become so popular for this age group. Cyber bullying is often used by teen girls who post videos, images or text on the internet with the intent to hurt, torment, humiliate or harass another person. Cyber bullying and teen female fights are happening all over the United States and are not subject to just one race or creed. This deviant behavior has been closely related to aggression and violence. Research has found that there are many risk factors that increase the likelihood that a teen will engage in this dangerous behavior. Their home environment can be unpleasant, some parents provide little emotional support to their children or use harsh or inconsistent discipline. Poverty, discrimination and exposure to drugs, alcohol, or fire arms could also play a role in teen’s behavior. Individual characteristics contribute as well such as being impulsive, having poor problem solving skills or feeling rejected among peers. Teens may also misinterpret others behaviors as unfriendly when they actually are not. Exposure to media violence like television, movies and video games has also been proven to contribute to hostility in teens.

While the study of adolescent psychology is imperative, what is to be done about the parents and adults who let these fights happen? In one of the most recent altercations, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, two adults stood by watching two young girls violently attacking one another while another juvenile video taped the fight with her cell phone. How are we supposed to teach our children...
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