Cyber Bullying

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, MySpace Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Cyberbullying is one of the major issues plaguing young men and women of today. They feel harassed, threatened and lonely because of this. In this paper I will outline what cyber bullying is, what effects is has on young adults and various technological tools that educators can use in the classroom to tackle this issue.


Cyber bullying is a worldwide social issue today. It is the use of technology most likely social networks such as “Facebook, twitter and MySpace” to threaten, harass, embarrass or target another person. Statistics show that teenagers from the age 13 through 18 wrongfully use these websites. Most physical altercations are based on cyber interactions between two or more people. Cyber bullying occurs every second of the day. Bullying is something a person can be aware of and also cannot be aware of. Currently cyber bullying is one of the fastest growing problems that people do not seem to apprehend. Most cyber bullies think that harassing someone through the Internet is a form of excitement, especially when no one can discover who they are. When their students are involved, educators need to do something about. There are several technological tools that can be used in the classroom and on school ground to tackle this problems. Those tools are visual aids and videos, Youtube to be more exact.

Cyber bullying is prevalent in society and it is increasing at an alarming rate. Most people believe that there are numerous steps an adult can take to limit and prevent cyber bullying from occurring in schools and in neighborhoods. There are also steps in which children can also take they are as follows, learn how to ignore cruel messages that are passed on to them requiring them to pass it on, as well as photos, if they witness one their peers harassing someone advise them to stop rather than agree with them and laugh at the situation. A main prevention of cyber bullying is to block someone if...

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