Cyber Bullying

Topics: Education, Netiquette, Abuse Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Cyber bullying is a serious issue in today’s schools and business. If everyone adopted and educated people on netiquette guidelines would this issue be solved? Explain. I truly have an issue when it comes to cyber bullying. I believe that teens and young children need to be properly taught what their actions online cause harm to others through cyber bullying. I would agree if that proper netiquette is adopted and educated through school and parents as well as the work force then this issue could be resolved. This issue has been a major problem for quite some time. I personally have witnessed cyber bullying with some of my little sister’s friends from middle school. It causes a lot of emotional trauma and distress to an individual which has caused many young individuals to end their life due to the way cyber bullying affected them. As long as individuals don’t put anything that would gain attention in a negative way or stay out of personal rants and raves then I personally feel that cyber bullying will decrease with the proper netiquette guidelines.

Online education has evolved over the last ten years as much as the cell phone. Given this, what have been some of the major improvements and changes in the digital classroom? With the new generation of online education, it has been a major convenience for students to partake in bettering their knowledge. Having the option for online education has had its share of improvements. One example of an improvement would be the online classroom forum. This example gives the opportunity for the instructor and the students to freely be open with discussing certain classroom topics without the fear of judgment. Another improvement with online education would be the available links and resources to review and study material. An example would be the Ashford library that has all the documents from textbooks and general information. It also saves on having to go through hard copies of pages when the information is just a few...
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