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The main reason for the origin of the Caribbean Community is:

a) The need for economic cooperation
b) The formation of Carifta
c) The existence of one type of people
d) The maintenance of the University of the West Indies.

The first Heads of Government Conference was held in:

a) August, 1962
b) May, 1961
c) July, 1963
d) July, 1974.

The four countries that attended the first Heads of Government Conference were:

a) Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada and Barbados
b) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago
c) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Belize
d) Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Carifta came into being on:

a) May 1, 1968
b) July 1, 1968
c) August 1, 1968
d) May 1, 1971.

After the inception of Carifta, three functional institution were set up except:

a) The Commonwealth Caribbean Regional Secretariat
b) The Caribbean Development Bank
c) The more Developed Countries
d) The Caribbean Examination Council

The Caribbean community has the following areas of activity except :

a) Economic integration through the Caribbean Common market
b) A Common Economic and Political entity
c) Common Services and Functional Cooperation
d) The coordination of foreign policy among the independent countries.

The supreme policy-making body of Caricom is:

a) The Heads of Government Conference
b) The foreign affairs ministers
c) The Standing Committee of Ministers of Education
d) The Common Market of Ministers.

One of these is not a common service of Caricom:

a) British West Indian Airways
b) University of the West Indies
c) The West Indies Shipping Service
d) Caribbean Examination Council

The Caribbean Community is essentially a:

a) Federation of islands
b) Pragmatic approach to realism
c) Political entity
d) Law-making institution.

The Caribbean Development Bank is situated in:

a) Barbados b) Guyana c) Jamaica d) Antigua

The difference between the MDC’s and the LDC’s is:

a) One of a degree of economic development
b) One of a degree of political development
c) One of a degree of social development
d) One of a degree of educational development.

Caricom countries suffer from all the following except:

a) Acute economic and social problems
b) Lack of human resources
c) Lack of capital
d) Unfavourable balance of trade.

The concept of “economic integration” means:

a) Cooperation among the different states
b) The maintenance of federation
c) Cooperation in economic development
d) Cooperation in cultural affairs.

All the following are benefits derived from an adequately protected regional market except:
a) Both industrial and agricultural developments are facilitated among member states:
b) Efficiency and minimum costs of production can be achieved c) Local industries can cooperate to export their excess products d) More production will motivate greater local consumption of excess commodities.

Unity in Caricom:

a) Increases the bargaining power of the community in relation to foreign countries
b) Makes it possible for member states to have greater self-reliance c) Reduces the burden of taxation on citizens in member states d) Increase cost of functional cooperation.

Which of the following resources are found in large quantities in Caricom countries?

i) Bauxite ii) Natural gas iii) Petroleum iv) Copper.

a) ii and iii only b) ii and iv only c) i, iii and iv only d) ii, iii and iv only

A Caribbean Court of Appeal of distinguished Caribbean jurists would replace the:

a) Appeals Courts b) Mercy Committees c) Industrial Courts d) Privy Council

“Established in 1973, its immediate objective has been to provide relevant regionally and internationally recognized secondary school leaving examination”. To which of the following institution...
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