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Declaration of trust
This indenture of trust is made and excuted at Karachi, this 17 th day of june in the year 2004 Where as in a general Body meeting of the board of trustees heal at Karachi, of 16-6-2004 for the creation and constitution of a trust to render free and voluntary medical aid, to build and operate all facilities of high standard for providing medical care and latest treatment all members of the general public on humanitarian grounds and to build ,support and provide education of health care program and to [provide for the management supervision and maintenance of these objectives all members / trustees has reached a decision whereby they have unanimously selected a reasonable and trustworthy person named Dr Abdul bari khan s/o Abdul sami khan holder of NIC no. 42201-1013131-7 resident of flat no.3 plot 40-g of Dr. Mehmood hussain road PECHS Block 6 karachi as settler of the said trust to be established under the name and style of Ruffaydah foundation situated at 72 Muslimabad, of Kashmir road , jamshed town Karachi (Hereinafter the trust) And whereas the above name settler is fully authorized and empowered by a resolution dated 16-06-2004 passed by the board of trustees for the purpose of setting –up the trust. And whereas the said settler is desirous of creating and establishing a trust for the rendering voluntary services and dedicating to build support and operate facilities for providing free medical care to all creatures of Allah (SWT) And whereas the settler has contributed a sum of Rs 50000/-(Rupees fifty thousand only) for the purpose of establishing a setting up aforesaid trust by association/ cooperation with the following trustees (Herein after the trustees) Name of Trustees

Dr. Amin chinoy Orthopedic surgeon, Former treasurer PWA, Member of a busness family Mr Abdul Karim Paracha Business Man, PhylanthropistMr. Amanullah Ismail Businessman, Phylanthropist with interest Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE Mr. Adnan Asdar Structural engineer, social welfare activist , project management consultant. Mr Ahmed chinoy Business man, philanthropist , community leader( Kutiyana Memon jamat) CPLC activist. Mr Ahmed tabba Businessman Philanthropist, chairman (Tabba foundation managing free maternity services at JPMC and CHK) Mr Bashir Jumma Chartered Accountant and partner Sidat Hyder & co. Mr. Hafiz Feroz Businessman Philanthropist, managinf director, Sami pharmaceutical company Mr Iqbal Pan wala Businessman welfare facilitator CHA Mr. Khalid Khanani Businessman, philanthropist.

Mr. Masood Nawab Businessman , Philanthropist,Excutive member, Poor patiet aid society, CHK Mr. Muhammad Siddique Sheikh Business man philanthropist, wise chairman, Pakistan education foundation. Mr. naveed anwer Businessman Philanthropist

Mr. Rehan hannan Businessman Philanthropist, CPLC activist treasurer, Friends of cardiac surgery and children cancer foundation. Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Professor of Neurology, DMC

The signatories of the trust deed who shall be the settlers and founder trustees of Rufayydah foundation, the trust, have all agreed with the following mission statement which shall serve has the basic document stating the guide line and limitations for the activities of the rufaydah foundation. 2. The Mission statement of the foundation is as follows;

Rufaydah Foundation (The trust) shall strive to enhance the Islamic value of service to humanity at large with the sole motivation of pleasing Allah (SWT). The trust shall contribute to its vision exclusively by focusing on providing excellence- driven (As stipulated in the Islamic concept of Ihsaan) Comprehensive, free of cost, unconditional health care to all human beings. The trust shall take all measures that shall contribute to the aforesaid vision, including but not limited to medical research, education and...
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