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Samantha Wentz
Midterm Assignment
“Staying healthy isn’t easy these days. Health care costs keep rising. People are overwhelmed and confused by all the changes. They’re looking for help. They’re looking for solutions that make a difference. At CVS Caremark, we know that to make a difference, you have to do things differently. So we’re reinventing pharmacy to help people on their path to better health.” ( This is the mission statement of CVS. CVS/Pharmacy is known for their pharmacy and helping people. CVS has numerous marketing strategies and their exceptional customer service. CVS has succeeded into the second biggest pharmacy in the country with over 6,000 stores all over. About 75% of the country’s population live within about three miles of a CVS. ( CVS knows where to put locations that will maximize profits and give them a good customer base. CVS knows their customers and how to differentiate itself from other companies. CVS has customers from teenagers to elderly customers. The average age is 39 years old and most customers are females. CVS has marketed their stores to target these women, since most women are constantly multi-tasking. CVS has redesigned their stores to make the wait times for prescriptions shorter, wider aisles, and more beauty products. ( They put stores where all target groups of customers would be attracted. They offer products that any social class would want. CVS offer many products that will appeal to all customers. They use production and product concepts to attract their customers. They have branded and generic pharmaceuticals throughout the store and in the pharmacy. CVS offers the customer generic prescriptions and over the counter drugs that the customer can afford. CVS offers their products at low prices and has many private labels. The private labels allow customers to afford the products and CVS makes a profit since it is their brand. This helps lower classes...

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