CVS Case Study

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CVS Case Study

Q1.) What changes do you recommend to CVS’s existing pharmacy fulfillment process? What IT changes, if any, are required to implement your changes?

A1.) Assuming that the person who is in charge of receiving the drop offs doesn’t handle data entry within the old process. I believe an IT change is necessitated to emplace a change to an additional person as a new user in the pharmacy information system and give them authorization to access the data entry functions. In addition, moving the insurance verification to happen after the data entry, requires a change in the order of screens associated to the step process.

Being that the employee who works at the window needs sufficient information about the order to respond to the customers, they too need access into the pharmacy information system. Again, this is to enable an overview of what’s in motion with the scripts and to be able to inform why the order is being delayed or incomplete. Possibly adding an additional field to the system, in which requires users to leave comments made on prescription updates.

Q2.) How can you be sure that the new process you propose will be an improvement over the existing one? How can you be sure that it wont make things worse?

A2.) A proper evaluation can be conducted between two different CVS pharmacies, overviewing the process compared with the old and new processes. The evaluation should last no less than a month and the pharmacies selected should experience similar traffic flows. In conclusion, there will be questionnaires involving all of the employees, and performance comparisons to see which pharmacy filled more scripts.

This new process will be cause any harm or create more work for the employees. Ultimately the pharmacists will need to review all information and make a detailed decision.

Q3.) What groups, if any, are likely to have problems with your proposed solution? How will you deal with their objections?

A3.) Most...
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