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Topics: The Lockers, Turn LP, Audi A4 Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Life throws a great number of curveballs at me; sometimes it feels like someone is just waiting out there to get me. Nearly every poor, awkward, dangerous, or unfriendly situation is directly caused by decisions that I make, just as good moments get attributed to making intelligent choices. But, sometimes there is someone waiting just around that corner, waiting to strike. The setting is Nelson B.C. circa 2008, in the middle of December; there for the Heritage Classic hockey tourney, where we are favored to win for the second straight year. One of my good friends and teammates, Dazzo, are about to fall into one of the worst roasts in history.

Our bright red Audi A4 passes the border crossing without any hold up, quite an amazing feat at four in the afternoon. The first game starts in just three hours, but we’re making solid time and get to Nelson well in advance. In line with the rest of our season performances, the opening game was on cruise control, an 8-1 win in which I posted 2 assists and a plus/minus rating of +5. Looking to extend the winning into the night Dazzo and I ditched the team dinner for a night on the town. There we were, middle of Nelson B.C. knowing absolutely nobody. Dazzo and I wandered around checking out the head shops, the bars (Canadian Drinking age being 18), and of course the local girls. For a town of just seven thousand people, the bars were a party all night long. After wearing ourselves out around 3am, and deciding that we shouldn’t blackout the night that the tourney starts; Dazzo and I headed back to the hotel. Just as we hit our street, the three best looking girls in town that evening passed our gaze. Quickly finding a new arousal of energy, a few more hours seemed a much more appropriate time to stay up to. We blindly stumbled back with them to one of the girl’s house, made our own party of it, and ended up passing out in the living room.

Fast forward about three hours; now my phone is blaring in my ear....
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