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A team of experienced, knowledgeable & skillful individuals, meticulously selected by the College. Some of them have made a name for themselves and are fit to be called "Star Lecturers". They have produced results – prize winners, high pass rates & praises from students. They are among the best ACCA lecturers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia in terms of experience, pass rates and popularity among ACCA students. It took them years to figure out the best technique to teach a particular concept and to "perfect" that technique. They can open your eyes and make you understand ideas which you may have failed to understand in the past. They can make you understand a concept in a short period of time and make you see the bigger picture. In other words, they will “wow” you. On the other hand, an inexperienced lecturer may take hours to explain the very sam e concept and will, in most cases, ended up confusing the students. These Star Lecturers are years ahead of the ordinary lecturers. Let them guide you because you are worthy of the best and no less. Now you don't have to go to Singapore or KL to experience the best there – Crescendo has just brought them to JB.

F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6

Full-time classes
Ms Lek Lin Na Mr Jason Hee Mr Jason Hee Mr Gary Ng Mr SK Hoo Mr Hun Jiang Yann Mr CH Chan – Consolidated Acc Mr C J Tee – Acc Std Mr Teo Sau Keong Mr Chow Kim Tai Mr CH Chan – Tutorial -

Part-time classes
Ms Lek Lin Na Mr Jason Hee Mr Wilson Low Mr Gary Ng Mr SK Hoo Mr Hun Jiang Yann Mr CH Chan – Consolidated Acc Mr C J Tee – Acc Std Mr Teo Sau Keong Mr Chow Kim Tai Mr CH Chan – Tutorial Mr Parmindar Singh Mr CH Chan – Consolidated Acc Mr C J Tee – Acc Std Mr Chin See Choo (Mr Andy Tan will be back in Jan 2011) Mr Chow Kim Tai Mr Chow Kim Tai Mr Siva Nair

P3 ANDY TAN - Let Him Groom You to be the Next Prize Winner Andy Tan is one of the lecturers from our international team who has lectured in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Uganda. With more than 10 years in the ACCA lecturing arena, Andy is considered one of the best P3 lecturers in Singapore and Hong Kong because his classes could draw in crowds of as big as 200 students. He was able to groom many students into prize winners in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia including students from Crescendo. Andy writes his own lecture notes, mind maps and practice questions. He has also written numerous P3 related articles for ACCA Student Accountant (HK). These articles are available online in ACCA's website. ACCA has also invited Andy to train lecturers in Hong Kong under ACCA's Train-the-trainer programme. F9, P4 & P5 CHOW KIM TAI - Renowned Management Accounting & Finance Lecturer is now in JB Thousands of students in Singapore & KL fondly remember his name, Chow Kim Tai, for he has helped them passed the ACCA Papers. In January 2004, Crescendo International College was proud to have him in our team. Chow Kim Tai has lectured ACCA subjects for more than 15 years in ACCA teaching centers around the world. A lot of students in Singapore & KL considered Chow Kim Tai as one of the best managem ent accounting & finance lecturers in Singapore and Malaysia; if not, the best. He continues to lecture regularly in Singapore, KL & JB, and occasionally goes to China for revision classes. His reputation is so good that many lecturers in KL and JB have attended his class just to learn his teaching style and techniques. Chow Kim Tai writes his own lecture notes and practice kit. He has also co-written and reviewed the Financial Management guidance notes for a professional accounting body in Hong Kong. A number of his students in Singapore and KL were prize winners for his subjects. F7, P2. F8 CJ TEE CJ Tee graduated from the ACCA programme when he was only 20 years old. Ever since then, he has been tutoring & lecturing in KL. He came to Crescendo in March 2010 and has taught F7 (Full-time) and P2 (Part-time)....
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