Customs And Traditions Are Traditional Nation

Topics: God, Good and evil, Culture of the Southern United States Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Customs and traditions are traditional nation which human race depends on to develop. They are very wonderful and helpful. They should be considered important, and something that should reside in peoples' heart. Customs and traditions are extremely important, and they have both good and bad facets. Therefore, society will be better if people combine while eliminate the restrictions. First of all, modern society can not improve without existing customs and traditions. This is the same principles as science-new inventions are dependant on what existed before. Therefore, in order for the society to develop, it should have a solid foundation based on customs and traditions. If a society does not have traditions and customs, young people may not know how to treat to seniors, such as their grandparents. Furthermore, young people may not know to behave with other people in their daily interactions. For example, Jane's family do not know anything about their culture. Jane's parent do not know how to teach Jane treat the seniors. Thus, when Jane meets his grandparents, he makes them upset by his behaviour without knowing Hence, traditions and customs are extremely important. On the other hand, customs and traditions have both good and bad facets. Customs and traditions are helpful when they encourage people keep using beautiful culture to treat together. However, old customs and traditions are very different from what is accepted in society today. If people continue to obey old traditions that are bad, these traditions become obstacles for improvement. For example, Jack's father, who believes in very old customs and traditions, runs into difficulties when he disciplines Jack. Jack's father does not let Jack do anything he wants, Jack is forced to do things that are against his will. This causes Jack to be very unhappy because he is affected by his father's actions. Furthermore,

Every country has its own traditions, and everybody should keep and follow them....
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