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Maverick’s Customer Service

Ronnie Holmes
MGT 350
February 12th, 2013

Maverick’s Poker Room has issued a survey to its customers to determine the level of customer service the patrons think they are receiving. Understanding the customer expectations is vital to a business’s success. The location of Maverick’s is directly across the border from Canada and many patrons come from across the border. This means not only does Maverick’s deal with local customers but international customers as well. According to Mint Kang “ being able to understand and create the human connection, from understanding the customer to building a relationship to sharing that interest and passion, is now taking centre stage for the service industry as expectations rise - not just among local customers, but international visitors as well (2013). Keeping this information in mind the results of the survey have been determined areas have received positive scores however some questions asked lead to negative gaps in the organizations customer service. Due to the negative scores that some questions received the Mavericks staff has decided to implement a new performance management system, a mentoring system that provides instant feedback and testing that will reinforce the employee’s knowledge. Mavericks will also be introducing weekly meeting with its staff to ensure the players are receiving the best possible gaming experience. Data Collection Instrument Used

Due to the complexity of a questionnaire that allows the surveyors to remark on the service being provided Maverick’s Poker Room has opted to utilize a likert scale method to get the results of its customer service. A likert scale method was designed and used by Maverick’s Poker Room to evaluate the findings of the customer service level that is being received by patrons. The scale that was used is a 1 to 5 rate system with 1 being the low and 5 being the high. Surveyors were asked ten questions to determine the level of customer service that is being delivered to the patrons. The survey was designed with easy to answer questions. Avoid technical jargon when designing the questions to ensure accurate answers. Keeping the survey simple to understand and relevant to subject matter. In the likert scale open ended questions are avoided to not confuse the surveyor. The design of this survey is to determine clear and precise answers of weak areas in need of improvement. Analysis of Data Collected

Using table 1.1 below it is determined that are areas Maverick’s needs to consider improving upon. Surveyors were asked in Question 2 if they thought the dealers were fair among players. Question 2 received and average score of 2.4 under the acceptable score of 3.0. The management at Maverick’s may want to consider a meeting to correct the implication that some players feel they have been unfairly treated. Question 2 can also consist of player perceptions and may not initially be as accurate as the management staff was looking for. If the surveyor is a disgruntled or angry customer the perceptions of fair and bias treatment may be blurred by the emotional state of the player. Question 7 asks if the dealers are consistent. This question also earned a negative average score of 1.8; this should be a major concern for the management. The management team will need to consider a training session to make sure the entire staff is running their table exactly the same way. Another negative gap is shown in question 10. Question 10 asks if the players feel the tables are controlled properly. This question received and average score of 1.8. This is another area that could be covered in a training session to ensure no confusion about the obligations of the dealer. All other questions in the survey scored 3.0 and above ensuring that most of the customer service at Maverick’s is at an acceptable standard. Table 1.1

Due to the negative gaps in customer service...

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