Customer Service in Indian Bank

Topics: Bank / Pages: 32 (7857 words) / Published: Jan 3rd, 2011
Indian Bank

It is indeed a great pleasure of pride to be able to present this project of Customer service at Indian bank.

The completion of the project work is a step ahead in a life of students who want to show their creativity in their education career.

I wish to thank to my project guide Mr. Ramnathan Iyer for his constant encouragement in completing the project successfully, and also for his voluble guidance and expert advice and practical knowledge which contributed to the success of this project work.


|Serial No |Topic |Page Number |
|Chapter 1 |Introduction | |
| |a) Overview of the banking industry and Historical Perspective |3-5 |
| |b) Need for present study |6 |
| |c) Theoretical Perspective |7 |
|Chapter 2 |Research Methodology | |
| |a) Research Problem |9 |
| |b) Research Objectives |9 |
| |c) Hypotheses |9-10 |
| |d) Dependent and Independent Variables Used

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